Community Events

Dance Show to support Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre and BC Children’s Hospital


On Saturday, February 9th, a Dancing for Kids Charity Showcase will be held at the UBC Norm Theatre in the Student Union Building. All of the proceeds from the show will go to BC Children’s Hospital and Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre to promote Dance as physical exercise and physical/mental therapy. Admission: $10; $5 for age 17 and under–> there are no tickets; payment will be made upon admission to the event.Link for Facebook Event Page:

Psychiatric Genetic Counseling Clinic

The Psychiatric Genetic Counseling Clinic offers free genetic counseling to people with a psychiatric diagnosis and their family members who want to learn more about the causes of mental illness, have questions about the causes behind their own or their family’s mental illness, and are concerned about potential risks for their children. Self-referrals are welcome and sessions can be delivered in person, or via Telehealth or phone appointments.

For more information, please contact:
Angela Inglis (Genetic Counselor)
Phone: 604-875-2000 ext 4733

Facebook page:

Fact Sheet:



Mental Health Network Event

The Mental Health Network will be hosting an event for those interesting in volunteering towards the promotion of mental health at UBC. The event runs from 4-6pm on Jan 17th. Unforetunatly this conflicts with our Kaleidoscope meeting next week at 4-5pm but both will still be going on.

For more information and to register visit the new MHN website.

Click here to register: