About Kaleidoscope

The primary goal of the Kaleidoscope Mental Health Support Society is to provide a mutual aid model of peer support for individuals who identify with having lived experience of mental health concerns in a safer, non-judgmental, stigma-free environment. We recognize that different types of treatment and coping work for different people, and we are neither for, nor against, any particular type.

Many attendees of Kaleidoscope have reported feeling isolated in their experiences with mental health concerns; however, meeting others with similar experiences can mitigate the stigma and feelings of discrimination, and replace feelings of isolation with a sense of belonging. We believe that by creating a growing support network by connecting with a group of individuals on a weekly basis, we can have a powerful impact across British Columbia and beyond.

Our facilitators are not medical professionals, and we do not offer medical advice. All of our facilitators identify with having some kind of personal lived experience with mental health concerns, and are trained in suicide prevention, mental health literacy, active listening, facilitation skills, and resource-sharing.

The Kaleidoscope began in 2010 as a mental health peer support group at UBC’s Vancouver Campus. Kaleidoscope has had periods of expansion to Douglas College in New Westminster, and the Cambie Community Centre in Richmond. With Kaleidoscope now running over Zoom, we hope to reach individuals across the province of British Columbia, and beyond.

In addition to Kaleidoscope’s General Support Group, which is open to everyone, Kaleidoscope has since expanded to offer an Undergraduate Student-specific support group, as well as a support group for Professional Undergraduate and Graduate students (PUG)

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime: info@the-kaleidoscope.com

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