Letter Campaign

Healthy Minds Canada (formerly the Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation) is fighting back against the stigma of mental illness with a letter campaign. The project will comprise of stories, in letter format, from the perspective of individuals who have personally suffered from mental illness as well as from the perspective of their families, friends, and healthcare workers. Their goal is to advance understanding of what it means to live with mental illness or to support someone who suffers from mental illness.

The campaign will immensely rely upon people’s participation. If you are interested in participating, letters may be up to 750 words and can include any of the following material regarding your journey with mental illness:

– When and how you knew there was an issue?

– What led you to seek help?

– What was the step that ultimately led to your path to recovery and wellness?

– Who were the most helpful people along your journey?

– What does wellness and illness look like for you?

– If you helped in the life of another, how did you do so?

– How are you affected by stigma?

For more information, please feel free to contact Julia (juliacottrelle@gmail.com).

YouthCO Workshop

You are invited to come join YouthCO’s Forum Theatre Troupe in a safe space to actively explore our experiences of power and oppression around sexual health, gender identity, and sexual orientation to empower each other!

YouthCo’s Theatre Troupe creates innovative theatre workshops and performances about stigmas related to HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis C, often exploring topics like sex, gender, sexuality, drugs, relationships, self-esteem, violence, and intersecting forms of oppression (including racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, and colonization).  The Theatre Troupe creates safe spaces of trust and team building, dialogue and participatory theatre. Offering fun workshops that are powerful exercises in experiential learning. Forum Theatre performances are interactive and written and performed by youth!

Date/Time: Thursday October 27th from 12-3pm

Location: (Room number TBA)

10-35people max! Register at wellness.aus@gmail.com!