Legal & Advocacy


Access Pro Bono 

DABC: Disability Alliance of BC (604-872-1278) Provides various programs that benefit disabled, including education, peer support, and disability benefits access advocacy (previously known as BC Coalition of People with Disabilities)

MPA Society (604-482-3700) Every MPA program or service has an advocacy component. Formal, recognized advocacy programs: Homeless Outreach, Court Services and the MPA Resources Center.

The Kettle (604-251-2801) Provides much needed information, support and representation to mental health customers to resolve income, housing, and family law problems.

ARA: Action, Research & Advocacy (694-689-7938) Grassroots nonprofit organization that provides advocacy, information and referrals to individuals who live with mental health concerns and their families

Newton Advocacy Group Society (604-596-2311) Provides information, supports, referrals and advocacy for individuals living on low income, including mental health consumers, persons with disabilities, women and single mothers.