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Recent News: Two Kaleidoscope facilitators attended Pathway for Assisitng Life (PAL) Suicide First Aid. In this two-day workshop, we learned to invite connection and communication to those experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviour. These skills are valuable and integral for our facilitators to develop and maintain a safe(r) space in our support groups. In this training, we learned: that suicidal thoughts and behaviors are more common than one may think; skills on how to ask people if they are suicidal; and how to intervene and help a person who is experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours. You are not alone if you feel moments of distress, and our Kaleidoscope facilitators are now more comfortable to provide this support.


Coping with Uncertainty

Course facilitated by the VCH Peer-led Workshop Program

Feeling stressed by the news of the day? Join others to explore strategies to help cope with uncertainty and manage stress.

Developed during the pandemic, this virtual 4-session series will look at stress and anxiety, and common thinking traps that can affect our mental wellbeing. This course also includes a workbook with many additional tools. Two consecutive sessions of the course will start in January 2022.

The course is being offered as part of a research study on peer-led mental health education using the Recovery College model. 

Participants’ involvement in the research will include:

  • Completing a questionnaire before and after the course
  • Completing a measure of fidelity to the Recovery College model
  • Participating in a 2-hour focus group
  • Sharing basic information about themselves (e.g., age, location, gender identity). Participants are welcome to skip over any questions they don’t want to answer

There is a small honorarium for participating in the research.

If you’re interested in participating in the course and research, email Tracy Windsor:

If you have specific questions about the course itself, email Sue:

 We hope to see you there!


Peppermint Party

Join us on December 2nd to learn how to make peppermint bark, no baking required! 🎄

You might be wondering: what is peppermint bark? It’s a holiday treat made with two types of chocolate (semisweet/dark and white chocolate), along with chopped candy canes!

The list of ingredients will be posted tomorrow so you can follow along with the lesson.

The first half of the session will be general support group check-ins, and the lesson will take place in the latter half of the session.

Here is the Zoom link: