Board Members

Tracey Windsor


My involvement with Kaleidoscope began as a participant in the organization’s early days of 2010, seeking support for my own mental health. I soon became a support group facilitator with Kaleidoscope, and I have been President since 2016. It’s an honour and a privilege to be leading this organization, and working with the fantastic, passionate people who are involved. While COVID-19 has forced us to hold our groups online, it has also allowed us to expand our reach to folks outside of the communities of UBC and Vancouver. Peer support continues to expand and gain credibility in mainstream mental health care, and I am so excited to see where Kaleidoscope goes. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns:

Katherine Brown

Vice President

Since 2013, I’ve been involved in the UBC mental health community in advocacy, peer support and student leadership roles for mental health – first as an undergraduate at UBC, and now as a UBC medical student working toward becoming a psychiatrist. Peer support has a central role for connecting people with lived experience, and facilitating long-term recovery. My work on the Kaleidoscope board, my roles in co-founding sister groups SHARE and PUG, and my continued work facilitating groups (and sometimes even popping in to attend!) is perhaps the most rewarding of all my activities.

Winnie Bao

Vice President

Hello! My name is Winnie and I am a UBC student in the PharmD Program. I have been involved in mental health awareness and advocacy since high school. I joined the Kaleidoscope External Committee last year and I am now a facilitator as well. My journey with mental health continues to be long, winding, and ever-changing. My passion is helping people, especially those in minority groups, live happier and healthier lives through healthcare and community building. In my spare time, I enjoy singing, dancing, painting, laughing and sleeping. I have learned so much from all the wonderful people here at Kaleidoscope! I hope to continue supporting my peers and making connections in the community. 

Adrienne Dodge


I am in remission from a mental health diagnosis. I would love to help other people battle and overcome mental illness by promoting positive change. By facilitating for Kaleidoscope, I promote such change through caring and empathetic communication. Kaleidoscope provides much needed support, hope, and community to anyone who needs it. I want to help and support this organization as much as possible to foster inclusion and open communication channels for people struggling with mental health issues. Together, we can fight the stigma!

Amelia Lacey

Board Member at Large

Im Amelia. I want to help others but im introverted enough to find talking to others intimidating, what a contradiction. I am a creative person with a degree in Art, but then I decided to make helping people my focus and have worked in dental and medical offices. I do manage to use a little creativity in my helping people though as I write people “pick me up” letters and often decorate the envelopes. As for mental health…. we all have mental health. For me it might take a scoop of patience to get to know me, like i said im quite an introvery i’ve heard though I’m louder online than offline.


Board Member at Large

Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I am in my second year studying electrical engineering here at UBC. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, journaling, and following modular origami tutorials! I am very grateful for the opportunity to volunteer for The Kaleidoscope, and I hope that through volunteering, I can contribute to supporting students and fostering a community of care and support. 


Board Member at Large

Hi! My name is Sophia! I am a UBC student hoping to pursue social work. I was drawn to Kaleidoscope when I was dealing with a mental health diagnosis that forced me to leave school. It completely changed my world. I didn’t have the language to explain what was happening to me and didn’t know anyone who struggled with the same thing. The only thing that helped me escape the feeling of aloneness was the power of conversation, whether in a journal, with a therapist or with friends (who at times were my therapist). So I joined Kaleidoscope with the understanding that talking about our scariest thoughts and our darkest mental health moments dispels the very shame that so desperately wants to keep us isolated. I look forward to being able to facilitate sessions in the future. 


Amir is a graduate of UBC in a bachelors of science in cognitive systems where he focused on cognition and the brain. He is a researcher at UBC’s Crest.BD research team, a member of the UCSF Bonding and Attunement in Neuropsychiatric Disorders laboratory and a mental health support worker at Foundry. He joined Kaleidoscope as a facilitator in 2016 and has served as a board member since 2019. He values Kaleidoscope as a non-judgmental and inclusive space for anyone with mental health challenges to seek support from peers and grow in the process.