The Kaleidoscope in Canadian Press article

The Canadian Press has written an article about mental health support services in university and the Kaleidoscope is featured. Take a read and share the link!

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  1. I am very glad to hear about this initiative. Sadly I have visited counselling services at UBC a few times and sadly most times I went there I felt like I was burdening the system. The one counsellor who seemed to want me to feel comfortable ended up trying to convert me to Christianity and advising me to go to church. I feel UBC Counselling is seriously overburdened. For me, a student struggling and seeing help, this translated to the fact that when I walked in the door I had some hope when I walked out I felt hopeless. On one occasion I alerted them about a friend in my class who mentioned suicide to me and they did not seem moved by his pain at all, I was very cooly told, “if he calls he calls.” After that I was hesitant about encouraging him to go there. I am so sorry to say this, I love my professors and classmates, they have gone above and beyond and out of their way to help me so many times and been supportive in so many ways but the counselling at UBC honestly sucks. I just want to say I wholeheartedly applaud this initiative, and the people involved, there is so so much wasted potential out there and people needlessly slipping under because of lack of treatment for mental health issues. (not my real email, I’m sorry I would like to remain anonymous)

  2. Thanks, we are really happy to hear that students are finding our project to be a step in the right direction towards improving mental health on our campus.

    Sorry to hear about your experiences with UBC Counselling–it would be interesting to know about others’ experiences with this service. I also wonder if they have an anonymous feedback form in case clients would like to give feedback as that could be helpful.

    We totally understand you would like to stay anonymous, but if you ever need support and don’t feel comfortable attending our group in person, you can always send an email to our general email ( Messages that get there are dispersed to us 6 facilitators, and we are usually much better at responding through there.

    Good luck, and hope you have a great academic year.

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