UBC Thrive Event Screening of “That’s Just Crazy Talk” by Victoria Maxwell

November 19, at 7:30-9:30 pm at UBC in the Nest viewing room 2601

Kaleidoscope is excited to present ‘That’s Just Crazy Talk’ for UBC Thrive 2021. The screening will be followed by a one-hour discussion facilitated by Kaleidoscope Support Group Facilitators.

Victoria Maxwell’s critically acclaimed theatrical keynote That’s Just Crazy Talk’ looks at both the light and dark side of living with bipolar disorder, anxiety and psychosis. It describes one woman’s journey of coming to terms with mental illness within herself and in her family, uncovering long kept secrets. An intimate, yet universal story exploring the judgment we face not only from others, but from ourselves and the mysteries of family secrets. This funny and achingly truthful presentation both entertains and educates, exploding stigmas and portraying the love and resilience it takes to stay together as a family in the midst of illness and the beauty that can result when we face our fears. ‘That’s Just Crazy Talk is endorsed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) as one of the most effective anti-stigma tools in Canada.